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Richard Kagan

Devils Beat Rangers in OT posted by Richard Kagan

New Jersey beat the NY Rangers in game 6 in OT to oust the Rangers from the Eastern Conference Finals.  I live in NY and follow hockey and admit I was rooting for the Devils to prevail 3-2.  They did when rookie Adam Henrique scored early in OT to send New Jersey in the Finals, the fourth with Martin Brodeur as goalie.  Brodeur is on his way to the Hall of Fame when his career ends, and it is fitting that he reaches the Finals to try to go out on top. 

Offensively, the Rangers are challenged.  They have a great goalie in Henrik Lunqvist, who literally, carries this team on his back, every game.  The Rangers just don't have the firepower.  You can't win the Cup when you score 2-3 goals a game.  It's just not going to happen.  You have to put the puck in the net and give your goalie a night off, so to speak.  Let the wingers or centers be accountable.  NY had a great run.  The Devils are the better team.

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Richard Kagan

Kings vs. Rangers? posted by Richard Kagan

It is pretty certain that LA will come out of the Western Conference playoffs.  What remains much more in doubt is the Rangers-Devils series.  NY has a 1-0 lead in the best of 7.  But this series is by no means over.  The Rangers play almost the oppositie of LA.  They grind it out, slow down the game, and let their goalie become the anchor of defense.  A goal or two is usually all the Rangers need to win a game.  That pattern may remain in the Eastern Finals, but it will be sorely tested if NY plays the LA Kings. 

The sleeping giant, that is the LA Kings, has woke up with a vengence.  The Rangers play like the the little engine that could.  It huffs and puffs its way toward the finish line. 

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Joe Halstead

The Detroit TIgers Must Approach This April Like the Playoffs posted by Joe Halstead

It is said- and correctly so- that while a pennant may not be won in April, a pennant may be lost in April.

On this note, the Detroit Tigers have immediate cause for concern. Their early schedule- in the month of April alone- includes two more games against Boston, a three-game home series with the Tampa Bay Rays (April 10-12), a four-game home series against the American League Champion Texas Rangers (April 19-22) and, just to pour a bucket of salt water over the wounds incurred, a three-game series in the Bronx Apr. 27-29.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland is known for using his entire roster liberally. OFers Clete Thomas and Andy Dirks, and 2Bmen Danny Worth, Ramon Santiago and, eventually, Brandon Inge, might see significant playing time.

But, should they?

The Tigers made substitutions in the 2011 post-season out of necessity. They were beat up, and running out of players. Luckily, some of those substitutes stepped up in a big way, such as UT Don Kelly and Santiago.

However, the Tigers are at nearly 100% health, and they need their front line to do battle with the American League's best. 

So, here's hoping that Leyland doesn't tinker with his team too much. Obviously, he wants OF Delmon Young to continue what he's been doing for the Tigers since last August, which is to drive in runs. Surely, Leyland would also like to see one of his second basemen grab the brass ring. So far, all we have are multiple second basemen who play competently enough to hit .250 and turn the double play when necessary.

Ah, maybe, that is, until now. 2B/OF Ryan Raburn had the Spring Training of his life, batting over .400 for a stretch, eventually cooling a bit to a .268 average. However, he still slugged .661, having hit 6 HRs, 2 2Bs and a 3B. That accounts for nine of his 15 hits in the spring.

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Edgar Martínez’s case for Cooperstown posted by David

One of the most talented hitters of the nineties did not receive enough votes for induction to the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, but I’m hoping Edgar Martínez does not have to wait too much longer.  I don’t expect him to be elected in 2011 because too many voters don’t think a Designated Hitter is a full-time player.  (Martínez came up as a third baseman, but injuries forced him to become Seattle’s regular DH in 1995.)  In my opinion, if a poor defensive player can make it to Cooperstown based on his offensive contributions, then someone who does not play a defensive position should be able to do the same.

Martínez’s career stats include a .312 batting average, .418 on-base percentage, .515 slugging percentage, 2,247 hits, 309 home runs, and 1,261 RBIs.  His best season came in 1995, when he slugged .628 while leading the AL in batting average (.356), OBP (.479), OPS (1.107), doubles (52), and runs (121).  Despite his monster year, Martínez still finished third in the MVP race.  Fifteen years later, he remains the only designated hitter ever to win a batting title.

Martínez was a seven-time All-Star, won five Silver Slugger Awards, and had one of the biggest clutch hits in postseason history – a two-run double in the bottom of the 11th inning of Game 5 of the 1995 ALDS that sent the Mariners to their first-ever Championship Series.  Seattle had been trailing the Yankees 5-4 and were three outs away from being eliminated from the playoffs; the turn of events sent the Yanks home instead after having blown a 2-0 series lead.  For the series, Martínez had a Ruthian line of .571/.667/1.000 and 10 RBIs – nine of them coming in the last two games.

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A new champion is crowned posted by David

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, who are World Champions for the first time since moving to the west coast more than 50 years ago.  Their last title in New York came in 1954, when Willie Mays made “the catch” that will be played on highlight reels forever.  The Giants came unbelievably close to not even making the playoffs this year, but the fans who claimed that watching their team was “torture” are now the happiest fans in baseball.

How ‘bout that?

How about Matt Cain?  The San Francisco hurler was nearly untouchable throughout the playoffs, outshining staff ace Tim Lincecum, who had a bad outing in Game 1 of the Fall Classic.  In three postseason starts, Cain allowed only an unearned run over 21.1 innings of work, going at least 6.2 innings in each outing and providing a huge boost to his team’s hunt for glory.  He might be the best #2 starter in the majors, but Matt Cain looked like the second coming of Cy Young when it mattered most for the Giants.

How about Brian Wilson?  The flamethrower’s postseason numbers included six saves (in seven chances) and a win in 11.2 innings pitched, allowing just an unearned run.  Additionally, Wilson allowed no more than one hit per appearance while anchoring the San Francisco bullpen.  Wilson gave Bruce Bochy the confidence this postseason usually reserved for Mariano Rivera’s manager when handing his closer the ball in October (or November).

How about the fantastic class of rookies in the postseason?  Stephen Strasburg wasn’t among them, but Jason Heyward (Braves), Buster Posey (Giants), Aroldis Chapman (Reds), Danny Valencia (Twins), Wade Davis (Rays), Neftali Feliz and Mitch Moreland (both Rangers) would make an incredible young team if they all played together.  In fact, even top prospect Domonic Brown, who compiled just 62 regular-season at-bats, was on the Phillies’ playoff roster.  Expectations will be high for this talented group, and here’s hoping none of them experiences too much of a sophomore slump.

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Richard Kagan

Sox In Race To Win It posted by Richard Kagan

The Chicago White Sox won a big game 5-3, against the Texas Rangers.  Alexei Remirez hit a big two run blast in the 6th inning for the winning Sox.  The Sox climbed back in the race on a sorching hot streak.  They cooled off a bit on this road trip, dropping two out of three to KC, and then righting themselves with a big win tonight.  This coupled with losses by the Twins and Detroit give Chicago a fighting chance to do some damage right before the All-Star break. 

Right now, they would have to be one of the surprise teams in the AL.  Not because of where they are, but where they've been.  The Sox were in the outer reaches of the Twilight Zone before Interleague Play began.  And, then the ChiSox went on a winning streak that catapulted them back to Earth.   Things might not be so great between the manager and Ken Williams the Gen. Mgr, but winning is a healing elixir.  The team knows it can compete and is finding more confidence as the wins mount.  There is talent in the pitching staff.  Now, if some hitters can pick it up, this team should be flirting with first place soon.   Maybe then Ozzie can get some credit.  But really, it is the players who are performing well.

Actually, they need to win some games before we can laud them.  They have the talent to win this thing, now they have to go out and prove it on the field.

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Jeff Lewis

The Chicago cubs 2010 posted by Jeff Lewis

    After two consecutive years of winning the National League Central Division, the Chicago Cubs watched their hated rivals the St. Louis Cardinals win it. In order for this not happen again, the Cubs have some concerns they have to address in order to get back to their winning ways.

    First, they have to get rid of Milton Bradley. This guy was a cancer on and off the field. He was quoted saying that he does not like the Cubs fans. I am here to tell you that the feeling is mutual. The Cubs general manager, Jim Hendry, needs to get this guy off this team no matter how. If that involves eating majority of his contract in a trade, then that's the way it needs to be done. There have been a few teams mentioned in trade talks for Bradley. The Tampa Bay Rays, the San Diego Padres, and the team that keeps getting mentioned the most the Texas Rangers. It doesn't matter what team the Cubs get the deal done with, as long as this guy is off the team come next year.

    Second, the Cubs need a lead-off hitter and center-fielder. These two go together, because the Cubs can fill both of these holes with one player. Coco Crisp. Crisp is a great player. He has speed, he is a descent outfielder, and he can hit. He did have a down year last year, but he played for the Kansas City Royals. Put a good team behind Coco he will shine! Look what he did in Boston an few years ago. There have been rumors that the Cubs are in the Curtis Garnderson sweepstakes. Grandy would be a good fit with the Cubs, and probably benefit from the National League style of play. The one downside to getting Garndy is that he can't hit left-handed pitchers. So the Cubs would have to find someone to platoon with Grandy in center when they are facing a lefty. With the Cubs payroll, I don't see that happening. Crisp should be Hendry's guy, but we will see what happens.

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Ryan Turner

8-18 Football News and MLB Waiver Wire Deals posted by Ryan Turner

Favre1. Well, Brett Favre is back. Just as he started to drift out of our minds again, BAM, breaking news on ESPN: "Favre is a Viking." As obnoxious as this story has been for the last three years, it sure will make the Vikings vs. Packers games more interesting, especially the November 1st game when he returns to Lambeau Field. My guess is the reaction will be half cheers, half boos from the fans, all boos from Ted Thompson.

2. Another quarterback who has run rampant through the media lately is Jay Cutler. He needs to shut up right now if he even wants a chance at not topping the "Number One Douche Bag of All-Time" list. His latest remarks were after the Bears' first preseason game in which they played the Buffalo Bills. He criticized wide receiver Devin Hester for not breaking up an interception on an under-thrown pass. How about this Jay? Either make the passes in the first place or be gracious if Hester does break up the interception. If Hester can't fix your screw up, man up and take the blame yourself. That's where it belongs. Peyton Manning doesn't always own the blame after a loss, but the difference between Manning and Cutler is, Manning has the record to back up those types of comments. Cutler needs to earn the right to make those types of comments. He could be in danger of losing that locker room really quickly, if he hasn't already.

3. Marc Bulger broke his pinkie on his throwing hand during Monday's practice on a snap exchange from center Jason Brown. It's not a major injury and it should only keep him out for two weeks. However, this could open the door for backup Kyle Boller. The Ravens had some decent years with a strong defense and Boller managing games. Baltimore went 9-7 in 2004, Boller's only year in which he started all 16 games. 9-7 won the NFC West last year and it could do the same this year. I'm not suggesting the Rams' defense will be anywhere close to Baltimore's, but the NFC West isn't as strong as the AFC North typically is either.

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Joe Burgmeier

Boston Red Sox to MISS Playoffs in '09 posted by Joe Burgmeier

Sunday August 16, 2009 following their 4-3 loss at Texas, is the first time since April 21st that the Red Sox do not have a share of the wild-card or AL East lead.  Does this mean that Red Sox nation should give up hope for the playoffs or a world series birth this year?  Probably not.  However, they should.  Sorry Red Sox fans and band wagoners, your team simply is not going to make the playoffs this year with the emergence of the Rangers pitching staff and the dominance of the Yankees offense.

Now I assume most of the Boston fans are screaming and their faces are steaming with team colors and pride.  But we have to look at match ups in the remaining schedule.  The Red Sox have a tougher remaining schedule than the Wild Card leader Texas Rangers and the only other team with an outside chance in Tampa Bay, has a tougher remaining season schedule than either and it would be one of the more amazing stretch runs if they make it.  The Red Sox have 20 games left against teams that are trying to make the playoffs, this of course comes with 6 games against all of Boston's beloved Johnny Damon and the New York Yankees, 6 games against newly acquired division rival Tampa Bay, who play tough at home, and 3 games with the Angels.  Out of the 20 playoff type team games left, there are 8 interesting games between the White Sox and Red Sox.  I'm not going to predict any winners from these games {insert 2005 playoff flashback here} but will be some of the most intriguing match ups of the season as Chicago has bolstered their hitting and pitching with the addition of Alexei Rios and SP Jake Peavy.  Peavy has been rumored for a late August return or early September return and could be a factor.  The White Sox are doing everything they can to try to win the Central this season.

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Travis Massey

Will this Ranger's team make the playoffs? posted by Travis Massey

After dropping two straight games to the last place A’s, we are left wondering just how much of a contender the Texas Rangers are for the post season. After falling to 59-46, the possibilities are looking more and more bleak.

 Many expected this team to be no different than previous teams from Arlington: mediocre pitching at best held together by tons of hits and homeruns. Lately it seems the opposite has been true, but it feels as if the normal end of season result is inevitable.

While the Ranger’s starting rotation, practically a revolving door of players, especially as of late, has done their part to make the team competitive, the same can’t be said for the offense.

            Since the All-Star break the Ranger’s bats have fallen silent, punctuated by scoring a whopping two runs over their last 18 innings.  Coupled with inconsistency at the closer position, this is starting to look like the Rangers we are used to seeing in August.

Of course one can hardly shoulder that whole problem on C.J. Wilson and Frankie Francisco alone. We can’t even get a consistent answer as to who IS the closer. One week it’s Wilson, the next it’s Francisco, sometimes it Jennings, while others it’s O’Day.

As if shuffling pitchers isn’t enough strain for the team, recent injuries turned into DL stints for Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz, two of the hottest hitting Rangers. Cruz is only one of three Rangers hitting over .300 since the All-Star Break, and Kinsler’s defense is sorely missed at second base. If Kinsler had been in that second game against Oakland, then we’d have definitely seen a Ranger victory. Instead, Joaquin Arias let a routine grounder sit for two long, allowing the A’s to get a base runner who should have been the third out of the inning, and win with a walkoff double.

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Texas Rangers News

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MLB roundup: Scioscia says Hamilton 'not the same' (The SportsXchange)

Los Angeles Angels manager Mike Scioscia expressed some frustration over struggling outfielder Josh Hamilton, despite beating the Texas Rangers on Saturday night. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Mike Bryant a hit with sonKris, Joey Gallo (The Associated Press)

Every time top Chicago Cubs prospect Kris Bryant hits a home run, proud papa Mike Bryant beams back home in Las Vegas. When Texas Rangers top prospect Joey Gallo goes yard with his powerful swing, Bryant gets a charge out of that, too. He taught his son and Gallo how to hit when they were kids, passing along the lessons he learned from Ted Williams during the two spring trainings he was a Boston Red Sox farmhand in the early 1980s. Now Bryant and Gallo are staging a home run derby as they make the climb to the major leagues. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Dodgers place Hyun-jin Ryu on 15-day DL with glute strain (Big League Stew)

  The battle of attrition around MLB continued on Friday after the Los Angeles Dodgers placed left-hander Hyun-jin Ryu on the disabled list with a Grade 1 or 2 strain of the right glute.  Hyun-jin Ryu to DL with Grade 1-2 strain of glute. — Eric Stephen (@truebluela) August 15, 2014 Ryu suffered the injury during Wednesday's start against the Atlanta Braves. After planting his right leg following on his 97th pitch, Ryu immediately motioned to the dugout and was removed from the game. An MRI on Friday revealed the strain. The low grade means it's not the most severe strain, but it will keep him out until early September, which is a big blow to an already unsteady Dodgers rotation.  Isn't that right, Juan Uribe?  Juan Uribe cuddles with @HyunJinRyu99 while the pitcher talks about his injury — Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) August 15, 2014 Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke are still standing at the top, although both have spent time on the DL already this season. After that, it's not pretty right now with Ryu heading to the sidelines. The Dodgers alreadylost right-hander Josh Beckett to hip and groin injuries this month, which could force him to miss the rest of the season . Veteran Paul Maholm underwent surgery for a torn ACL this week, ending his season. In addition to that, veteran Dan Haren has been good in his last two starts, but has proven tough to rely for most of the season. In fact, before the injuries struck, his rotation spot was in serious jeopardy.   It once again shows that you can never, ever have enough pitching depth. All it takes is a pitch or two to significantly alter the outlook of an entire season. We've seen it with the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers basically all season long, and even after trading for David Price, the Detroit Tigers depth is suspect right now with Justin Verlander and Anibal Sanchez ailing.  To make up for the Dodgers' losses, general manager Ned Colletti acquired Roberto Hernandez  (the former Fausto Carmona) from the  Philadelphia Phillies  and right-hander Kevin Correia  from the Minnesota Twins  in minor non-waiver deals in August. Both have been superb in early action for Los Angeles, but both are band-aids as opposed to strong replacements in the middle of a rotation. Minor leaguer Justin Germano was acquired from the Rangers on Friday, adding one more arm to the mix.  It will be a mishmash unit after the big two for awhile, which makes the 5 1/2 game lead Los Angeles has built in the NL West all the more important.  But it will be very interesting to see where that lead stands in early Sept., assuming Ryu returns on time.  More MLB coverage from Yahoo Sports: - - - - - - - Mark Townsend is a writer for Big League Stew on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @Townie813 [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Odorizzi, Longoria help Rays top Rangers 6-3 (The Associated Press)

Jake Odorizzi wasn't shaken by the only run-scoring hit he gave up to the Texas Rangers. The young right-hander had quite the answer and helped keep an impressive road pitching streak going for the Tampa Bay Rays. Odorizzi retired the final 10 hitters after allowing a home run, Evan Longoria homered and drove in three runs and the Rays beat the Texas Rangers 6-3 Thursday night. They're not braggish about it, just businesslike in a confident way.'' And they have the numbers to back it up, with Odorizzi striking out seven in seven innings to help give the Rays their AL-record 18th consecutive road game without allowing more than three runs. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Odorizzi continues winning ways for Rays (The SportsXchange)

Jake Odorizzi is a different pitcher from the one who began the season as an untamed 24-year-old rookie. "The guy is confident," Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon said. No one would be surprised if the Rays' clubhouse these days wasn't full of John Waynes. The right-handed Odorizzi (9-9) won for the seventh time in his past 10 starts, striking out seven and holding the Texas Rangers to two runs, four hits and a walk in seven innings of a 6-3 victory on Thursday night. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

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